Arion Stereo Analog Delay SAD-1

January 31, 2015

Share This:Just posted a brand new page for this pedal! Go to this page: Tone Gem: Arion Stereo Analog Delay SAD-1. The SAD-1 is an analog delay pedal. It uses a 4096-stage MN3205 BBD chip to create the most natural sounding repeats and decays I have ever heard from a pedal. It adds depth and definition […]

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Vintage Arion Pedals on eBay

April 3, 2012
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Good times for vintage Arion pedal players and collectors. If you like to play or collect vintage Arion pedals, there are many more pedals currently listed on eBay than I can recently remember. Vintage Arion pedals are all-analog guitar effects pedals that were made in Japan by Prince Tsushinkogyo Ltd. during the 1980’s.

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Two Silvertone Amps + Boss CE-3 = Stereo!

March 9, 2012
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I love stereo! That’s why I got pretty excited when I looked at my Boss CE-3 chorus pedal and realized I could connect a pair of amps to the CE-3’s dual outputs and play my guitar in stereo. So I decided pick up two inexpensive Silvertone 1421’s (aka: Sears 10XL) off eBay […]

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