Vintage Arion Pedals on eBay

April 3, 2012
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Good times for vintage Arion pedal players and collectors. If you like to play or collect vintage Arion pedals, there are many more pedals currently listed on eBay than I can recently remember. Vintage Arion pedals are all-analog guitar effects pedals that were made in Japan by Prince Tsushinkogyo Ltd. during the 1980’s.

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Two Silvertone Amps + Boss CE-3 = Stereo!

March 9, 2012
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I love stereo! That’s why I got pretty excited when I looked at my Boss CE-3 chorus pedal and realized I could connect a pair of amps to the CE-3’s dual outputs and play my guitar in stereo. So I decided pick up two inexpensive Silvertone 1421’s (aka: Sears 10XL) off eBay […]

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Tone Gem: Arion SCH-1, Mint in Box, Papers!

December 19, 2010
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Share This:Recently acquired the ultimate of all Arion effects pedals: the Stereo Chorus SCH-1. The SCH-1 is an 1980’s analog pedal that is now highly sought after for its warm, lush chorus and near realistic swirling Leslie sounds. This sample is in near mint condition and came complete with its original box, owner’s manual and papers. Arion […]

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Danelectro DC-1 Cool Cat Chorus

November 17, 2010

Share This:Birthday’s are great! This pedal was a gift! My son and his wife remembered my affinity for chorus pedals and found this Danelectro at a used music shop. It’s the 18-volt version, all analog, made about 1996. It sounds great! Very warm and lush sounding with a broader depth and speed range than similar analog […]

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