Arion Stereo Analog Delay SAD-1

January 31, 2015

Share This:Just posted a brand new page for this pedal! Go to this page: Tone Gem: Arion Stereo Analog Delay SAD-1. The SAD-1 is an analog delay pedal. It uses a 4096-stage MN3205 BBD chip to create the most natural sounding repeats and decays I have ever heard from a pedal. It adds depth and definition […]

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Univox Organ by Crumar

April 26, 2014

Share This:Vintage 1970’s Univox Organizer Drawbar Combo Organ for $199 In a change of pace from guitars, here’s what looks to be a great deal on vintage 1970’s Univox Organ. It might have some problems, but at that price it might be worth checking out. Made for Univox in Italy by Crumar. Check it out: Vintage […]

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The Vinyl Comeback

March 1, 2013
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Vinyl records are making a comeback. In this video, NBC News reports from United Records in Nashville.

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Brand New 1981 Boss DM-2

January 19, 2013

Here’s an interesting one: an early 1980’s Boss DM-2 in Like New condition for sale on eBay. Only $579, woah! The DM-2 is coveted for it’s classic analog delay effect, and has been played by many professionals. It even comes with the correct power supply (ACA-120) which is also in pristine condition.

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Vintage Arion Pedals on eBay

April 3, 2012
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Good times for vintage Arion pedal players and collectors. If you like to play or collect vintage Arion pedals, there are many more pedals currently listed on eBay than I can recently remember. Vintage Arion pedals are all-analog guitar effects pedals that were made in Japan by Prince Tsushinkogyo Ltd. during the 1980’s.

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Sears 10 XL (Silvertone 1421) Guitar Tube Amp

March 22, 2012
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This great little combo tube amp was built by (who?) and sold through Sears and Roebuck in the late 1960’s and early 70’s. It was originally sold as the Silvertone Model #1421, and in later years as the SR 10XL, and lastly as the Sears 10XL. Oh, the photo of this amp looks innocent enough, but, this is one serious sounding tube screamer. And you won’t usually find them as nice as this one!

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Brand New 1984 DOD FX50 Overdrive

February 16, 2012
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Just arrived! A 1984 DOD FX50 Overdrive Preamp in like-new condition, in the original factory box. There are plenty of these pedals out there, but this one has been barely used and came along with the original manual, papers, and schematic diagram. Plus, I got a great deal! Can’t wait to try this out and report back on the tone.

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