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The Day Buddy Holly, Crickets Played Portland

October 22, 2016

Share This:PORTLAND, OREGON – October 22, 1957 Buddy Holly and The Crickets arrived in Portland, Oregon to appear live on High Time, a local TV teen dance show, and performed that night at the Paramount Theater along with an all-star cast as part of the Biggest Show of Stars ’57, which included Fats Domino, Everly Brothers, Paul Anka, Chuck Berry, Frankie Lyman, The Drifters. Read more about that day the […]

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Mike Campbell’s 12-string Rickenbacker

July 2, 2016

Mike Campbell talks about the solid-bodied Rickenbacker 12-string he found shopping through the old “Recycler” advertising newspaper, driving to Anaheim, and later discovering it was built on the assembly line with George Harrison’s guitar in the 1960’s.

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Visionary Heart by Dion

June 28, 2016

Share This:‘Visionary Heart’ a song from the album ‘New York is My Home’ was written for Buddy Holly by his friend Dion.

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‘Paperback Writer’ Paved the Way

June 21, 2016

Share This:How The Beatles’ ‘Paperback Writer’ paved the way for ‘Revolver’ Colin Fleming writes in Rolling Stone Australia how The Beatles’ ‘Paperback Writer’ was a game changer and paved the way for the ‘Revolver’ album. Read about it here.

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Thou Shalt Not Steal by Kitty Wells (1954)

May 7, 2016

This was Kitty Wells eighth Billboard Hot Country Single entry of 81 entries. This historical recording was also Don Everly’s first ever composition to enter Billboard’s charts.

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John Lennon’s Gretsch Up for Auction

October 7, 2014

Guitar Player magazine ( is reporting that John Lennon’s Gretsch 6120 will be auctioned in November. This is the same guitar that was played by Lennon in April 1966 while recording The Beatles hit “Paperback Writer.” It is reported that the guitar might fetch as much as $1 million!

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The Kinks – You Really Got Me

October 4, 2014

The Kinks perform their classic hit, You Really Got Me. Classic guitar riff, heavy distortion.

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