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The Beatles Press Conference at JFK, February 7, 1964

February 7, 2014

Share This:50 years ago toady, The Beatles landmark press conference, February 7, 1964 at JFK airport. #thebeatles50 #beatlemania #TheEdSullivanShow

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Review: Sears 5XL Amp (Silvertone 1420)

October 23, 2010
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Vintage sound without the high price. The Sears 5XL is a 5-watt, old school, hand-wired, all tube guitar amp. Lots of midrange growl and smooth overdrive. Great for playing jazz, blues, classic and indie rock. Use as a practice amp or at small venues. Perfect for recording. It has one 8-inch Alnico speaker, one channel, two inputs, and separate volume and tone controls. The cabinet is built from cheap pressed board and the speaker baffle is 1/8-inch thick Masonite. It is clad in an equally cheap, thin green vinyl that stretches and tears easily…

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