Vacuum Tubes

Early electronics technology that brought forth the Radio Age.

More Vintage Music Man Amp Photos

February 6, 2016

Thanks to Tone Gems reader, Eddie from Toronto, we have new photos to share. These are photos of one of the two (2!) vintage Music Man 110 RD Fifty amps that Eddie owns. When I have a chance, these will be added to the Tone Gems page I’m working one that is dedicated to the vintage MM 110.

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8 Easy DIY Guitar Tube Amp Mods

September 20, 2015
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Here’s a great article that explains how to mod your tube amp: 8 Guitar-Amp Mods for Newbies.

WARNING! Before you dive in, be aware that tube amps contain lethal (deadly!) voltages of electricity stored in the capacitors, even when unplugged. Do not touch unless you know what you are doing!

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New Page for the Vox Berkeley SRT

May 26, 2014
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The 1965 Vox Berkeley Super Reverb Twin (SRT) model V8, all-tube (all-valve) guitar amplifier with reverb, tremolo, 2×10 Alnico blues, and chrome stand. Built in 1965 by Vox USA (Thomas Organ).

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Modified Silvertone Model 1421 Amp – Part One, The Tear Down

December 15, 2012
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The late 60’s and early 70’s Silvertone Model 1421 is a great little tube amp. It’s compact size makes it easy to take to practice, carry to a small venue, perfect for recording, and great for modifying. Here is Part One of a two part series on modifying the Silvertone 1421.

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Gretsch 6170 Pro Bass Amp

July 2, 2011
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Share This:Now on eBay I don’t know the seller or endorse the product, but here is a cool late 60’s bass amp built by Valco for Gretsch. Solid-state rectifier, 12AX7 preamp tubes (I believe?), 6L6 output tubes and a Jensen 15-inch speaker. I have not heard these amps myself, but the seller claims they are […]

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Review: Sears 5XL Amp (Silvertone 1420)

October 23, 2010
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Vintage sound without the high price. The Sears 5XL is a 5-watt, old school, hand-wired, all tube guitar amp. Lots of midrange growl and smooth overdrive. Great for playing jazz, blues, classic and indie rock. Use as a practice amp or at small venues. Perfect for recording. It has one 8-inch Alnico speaker, one channel, two inputs, and separate volume and tone controls. The cabinet is built from cheap pressed board and the speaker baffle is 1/8-inch thick Masonite. It is clad in an equally cheap, thin green vinyl that stretches and tears easily…

Read the full article. Complete with photos, a video, specs, schematic, and more…

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The Sears 5XL Video

October 23, 2010

Share This:This is our first video. We apologize for the video quality. We are shopping for a new camcorder. But the sound is awesome. Turn it up!

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