More Vintage Music Man Amp Photos

February 6, 2016

Thanks to Tone Gems reader, Eddie from Toronto, we have new photos to share. These are photos of one of the two (2!) vintage Music Man 110 RD Fifty amps that Eddie owns. When I have a chance, these will be added to the Tone Gems page I’m working one that is dedicated to the vintage MM 110.

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8 Easy DIY Guitar Tube Amp Mods

September 20, 2015
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Here’s a great article that explains how to mod your tube amp: 8 Guitar-Amp Mods for Newbies.

WARNING! Before you dive in, be aware that tube amps contain lethal (deadly!) voltages of electricity stored in the capacitors, even when unplugged. Do not touch unless you know what you are doing!

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1979 Guyatone EX1

January 18, 2015

Share This:Just picked this great deal today at Hum Strum and Drum in Multnomah Village. A vintage 1979 Guyatone EX1 guitar amp. Made in Japan. Solid-state, one channel, 20 watts, 12″ speaker, overdrive and reverb combo. Gain and volume controls, high and low EQ, reverb depth. Normal and overdrive inputs, headphone jack, pilot light. Excellent condition. […]

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Silvertone 1422 Footswitch

June 21, 2014

We get a lot of questions about foot switches for vintage amps. Here is the foot switch that originally came with the Silvertone 1422 (aka Sears 40XL) amplifier. It has switches to control both the Reverb and Tremolo effects. As you can see…

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eBay: 1966 Vox Viscount V115 Solid-State Amp

June 15, 2014

Share This:Currently on eBay: Vintage 1966 Vox V115 Viscount Super Reverb with Casters Solid State A transistorized version of the AC30? 35-watts RMS; 70-watts Peak Power Three Channels: Normal, Brilliant, Bass Top Boost (just like the AC30) Mid Range Boost (MRB) just like the AC30 Reverb Tremolo Fuzz? (maybe?) 2 x 12 Vox Bulldogs made […]

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New Page for the Vox Berkeley SRT

May 26, 2014
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The 1965 Vox Berkeley Super Reverb Twin (SRT) model V8, all-tube (all-valve) guitar amplifier with reverb, tremolo, 2×10 Alnico blues, and chrome stand. Built in 1965 by Vox USA (Thomas Organ).

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New Page for Music Man 110 RD Fifty

April 12, 2014
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Share This:Brand New Page! Just posted a new page for the Music Man 110 RD Fifty guitar amp. Check it out here: Music Man 110 RD Fifty  

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