January 2015

Arion Stereo Analog Delay SAD-1

January 31, 2015

Share This:Just posted a brand new page for this pedal! Go to this page: Tone Gem: Arion Stereo Analog Delay SAD-1. The SAD-1 is an analog delay pedal. It uses a 4096-stage MN3205 BBD chip to create the most natural sounding repeats and decays I have ever heard from a pedal. It adds depth and definition […]

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1979 Guyatone EX1

January 18, 2015

Share This:Just picked this great deal today at Hum Strum and Drum in Multnomah Village. A vintage 1979 Guyatone EX1 guitar amp. Made in Japan. Solid-state, one channel, 20 watts, 12″ speaker, overdrive and reverb combo. Gain and volume controls, high and low EQ, reverb depth. Normal and overdrive inputs, headphone jack, pilot light. Excellent condition. […]

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