March 2011

A Briefcase Full of Blues

March 28, 2011
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The Kay 704 Vanguard with Vibrato was the world’s first all transistor solid-state guitar amp, introduced by Kay Musical Instruments in 1962. Based on traditional tube amp design of that period, the vacuum tubes were replaced in the hand-wired circuits with seven germanium transistors and four diodes.

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On eBay: Rebuilt 1960’s Harmony Stella

March 23, 2011

Share This:Auction Alert! Check out this very cool, nicely restored, Harmony Stella from the 1960’s. Rebuilt with Martin-style X-bracing by Barton Lane Guitar Company. This guitar is on ebay right now at: 1960’s STELLA HARMONY guitar w/ Martin 0-18 X-bracing!!. This auction ends March 26, 2011 15:50:27 PDT NOTE: Guitar sold at end of auction for $356. […]

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Video: 1940’s Harmony Archtop Rescue

March 22, 2011

Share This:An old Harmony archtop is rescued and repaired by Dan “Buddha.”

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Beatles Amp Re-Discovered

March 18, 2011
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Share This:The Vox UL730 amp played by George Harrison on the Revolver and Sgt. Pepper’s recordings The Northwich Guardian reported today that a man in Wicham England discovered that a guitar amplifier he’s owned for awhile actually belonged to George Harrison in the mid-60’s. Apparently that fact went unnoticed for decades until the man took […]

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First Solid-State Guitar Amplifier

March 13, 2011

Share This:1965 Kay Vanguard 704 with Vibrato Lucky me! I was looking for a vintage solid-state combo amp to use at practice, and to give my trusty tube Silvertones a rest. Just scored this one off ebay today for cheap! The very first solid-state guitar amp was introduced by Kay Musical Instruments in 1962. Can’t […]

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Roger McGuinn and the Regency TR-1

March 5, 2011

Share This:Long before iPods, CD’s and Walkmans there was the transistor radio. The advent of the transistor radio is integral to the history of rock and roll. The first transistor radio, the American-made Regency TR-1, arrived on the scene in 1954 about one year before the Sony transistor. In this video Roger McGuinn, founding member of The Byrds, tells […]

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