November 2010

Danelectro DC-1 Cool Cat Chorus

November 17, 2010

Share This:Birthday’s are great! This pedal was a gift! My son and his wife remembered my affinity for chorus pedals and found this Danelectro at a used music shop. It’s the 18-volt version, all analog, made about 1996. It sounds great! Very warm and lush sounding with a broader depth and speed range than similar analog […]

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Smokin’ Hemp Speakers

November 5, 2010

Share This:Speakers made from hemp? Smoke that, baby! (Not really) I first heard about hemp speakers a year or two ago. While I haven’t personally auditioned them, I have read that cones made from manila hemp fibers are stronger than paper cones, and can therefore handle more wattage before breaking up. Supposedly they sound a bit […]

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